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Believers often have questions in their minds about whether their Hajj is accepted or not. In this article, we will unlock the signs of an accepted Hajj. Hajj is the fifth pillar of the beautiful religion Islam, which is a collection of many religious practices, obedience, and deeds of worship. All of these rituals strengthen the faith and purify the heart and soul by refining the moral and spiritual altitudes. Hajj pilgrimage has its own spiritual and practical protocols if they are not kept in consideration, you may not benefit from this spiritual odyssey in the way it is meant to be. 

All of your practices and hard work for worship can be wasted if you do not keep your attention pure and do not perform your rituals properly. You can get the real spirit of these rituals if you perform them with purity and with the attention to please Allah Almighty.

Many hadiths tell us about the significance of the Hajj and the conditions for its acceptance. As Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) says in one Hadith that

Whoever performs Hajj for the pleasure of Allah and therein utters no word of evil, nor commits any evil deed, shall return from it (free from sin) as the day on which his mother gave birth to him.” 


(Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

So, there are many conditions, you have to follow, and after performing the Hajj pilgrimage with all the protocols there are many signs of an accepted Hajj, you can know whether your acts of worship are accepted or not, so let’s discover in detail.

How do I know if my Hajj is Accepted?

Sign 1. Repentance and Transformation in Life:

So, we have a beautiful Hajj, I know you have heard and probably will listen to more lectures about Hajj because it’s the season of Hajj. I pray those who go to Hajj may really and truly return with Hajj e Mabroor. What is Hajj Mabroor, what are the signs of accepted Hajj? It is the Hajj that is accepted by Allah to the degree that the person returns as pure as the day they were born.

So, would I know if my Hajj was Mabroor (accepted) or not? The answer is yes, it is quite simple, actually to pick it up. The number one sign of an Accepted Hajj is that it was fulfilled in a way that your life changed when you returned, this is the first sign of Hajj Mabroor.

Even if one, two, or three aspects of your life have changed, big time, ever since this man is back from Hajj. He’s not missing Salah in the first Row, he is in a masjid never like before. In Sha Allah Hajj Mabrror. Ever since this man came, this woman comes to his words are not vulgar, congrats his Hajj Mabroor. Ever since this uncle comes back from Hajj, he has left smoking, it’s Hajj Mabroor.

 If something has been changed, you are leaving bad habits, and your hajj is accepted. If someone is straight back into for example gambling or pornography in clubs or in pubs, back into adultery. Then think about it there must be something wrong.

Sign 2. Spiritual Tranquility:

Pilgrims feel an immense sense of tranquility and peace in these holy places, especially after performing the rituals of the Hajj pilgrimage. During and after completion of your Hajj you will feel peace and tranquility in your heart and mind. You will find peace in salah, in listening and reading the Quran, in dhikr, in the company of righteous people, and in doing right deeds.

Sign 3. Sincerity of Intentions:

When people come back from the holy journey of Hajj, there is a celebration, and the friends, family, and community gather to welcome the Hajjis at home. People love to ask about the holy Odyssey, the worship, and the spiritual experiences, so at every stage and every step you need to check and purify your intentions.

Shaitan will try to make you feel that you are very pious and a person better than all, answer all the questions to enhance the love and fondness of other Muslims to go to those holy places and perform the pilgrimage. Share your lovely experience of embarking on the great voyage, exploring new places but keep a check on your intentions.

It’s quite important to purify your intentions otherwise shaitan will ruin your faith and devotions. Avoid talking too much about your hajj unnecessarily. Avoid showing off. Share your experience if anyone asks you about it, you can tell them for their guidance, help or to increase their fondness or love for the Hajj journey.

What is the Reward of Accepted Hajj?

Cleaning of Sins:

The biggest reward of accepted or Mabrour Hajj is the cleaning of all the sins of a Muslim, and the purification of your soul. Allah forgives all the sins of believers; their sins are removed as they are born. This gives spiritual gains and a fresh start for a transformation in life full of good deeds.

Elevated Spiritual Status:

The Hajj pilgrimage is a source of spiritual gains and elevated ranks in front of Allah. It is a source of gaining innumerable blessings from Allah Almighty, bringing believers close to their creator. It is a great source of spiritual gains for those who perform this holy pilgrimage without committing any obscenity or transgression.

Whose Hajj is not Accepted?

Sign 1. Insincere Intentions:

The beloved Prophet of Allah Almighty says “Verily, the deeds are by intentions”. You will gain what you want to gain from this journey of Hajj. If you have pure intentions to gain closeness, will, and blessings of the Almighty you will surely get. But if you are under the control of Seitan, and you wish to have worldly recognition or to show off, you need to change these wishes, if you do not your deeds will be wasted and Hajj will not be accepted.

Sign 2. Violation of Rights:

It’s necessary to take care of all the rights and rituals of the Hajj. The most important thing in the Hajj pilgrimage is to not harm any human being or any creature, physically or verbally. Hajj is a massive collection of people from all races, creeds, and colors. People from different backgrounds, different languages, and values come to perform this holy pilgrimage. It’s not easy to perform the rituals of Hajj, so wait for your turn, with patience, and treat others with kindness and care. This is the real test to not violate the rights of Hajj, and be nice to others, otherwise, your Hajj may not be accepted.

Sign 3. Disregard for Rituals:

Perform all the rituals in the best possible way. If you do not care about the true performance of your acts of worship, neglect them, and perform them haphazardly this carelessness may lead to not accepted Hajj.

Wrapping up Signs of an Accepted Hajj:

Before you are going to embark on the holy journey of the Hajj, and you want your good deeds, worship, charity over there may be accepted. It is recommended to gain complete knowledge of the prescribed rites and rituals you have to perform during this sacred journey. And most importantly, do a check on the purification of your intentions. this will increase your chances for Hajj e Maqbool (Accepted Hajj), leading you toward the forgiveness, closeness of Allah Almighty, spiritual gains, and the ultimate reward of Paradise.

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