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Umarah is a sacred and spiritual journey for Muslims around the world, also known as a lesser pilgrimage, as it is easier and takes less time as compared to the Hajj pilgrimage. Umrah is a journey of sacred devotion. Lots of people are confused about how to perform Umrah. In this article, we will share the complete step-by-step guide for performing Umrah.

 Umrah is a significant and spiritual worship, that starts with wearing the ihram, circumambulating the Holy Kabba the house of the Almighty, running between Safa and Marwa, and shaving and trimming of head hair.

How Long does It Take to Perform Umrah?

The time duration to perform Umrah depends on the crowd, your physical fitness, and your pace. On average, the performance of the whole ritual takes up to 3 to 6 hours. Muslims throughout the world especially travel to Makah and Madinah to perform Umrah Pilgrimage, they book different Umrah Packages to stay and perform rites and rituals of Umrah. This extra time allows Umrah Pilgrims to stay and spend time in Makkah and Madinah, make prayers and supplications, and visit different Islamic historical places.

Usually, Umrah packages offer at least a stay of a minimum of seven days, and the maximum stay offered is 90 days. You can become a guest of your supreme creator with Al Madinah Travel. Choose Al Madinah Travel as your holy odyssey partner and get Umrah and Haj packages according to your requirements and budget.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Perform Umrah:

Step 1: Purify your Intentions:

The intention is also called ‘’Niyyah’’ in Islam. This comes from an Arabic root word; it refers to making an intention before doing something. Every Muslim is well aware of the importance of pure Intentions before starting any practice. Pure intention is a prerequisite before starting a good deed as it is the foundation for the acceptance of that particular good deed.

So, before you are going to start Umrah it is necessary for you to check and purify your intentions. Your Umrah should be for the sake of Almighty pleasure, not for the sake of worldly showoff. Keep checking your intentions, again and again, your umrah should be for seeking mercy and boundless blessings of the almighty.

Step 2: Ihram: The Sacred State:

The journey begins with assuming the state of Ihram. This sacred attire symbolizes purity and humility before the Creator. Men wear two seamless white clothes, while women wear simple, modest clothing.

Ihram is a specific clothing before starting the holy pilgrimage of Umrah. This includes specific clothing that involves specific restrictions.

Man, Clothing for Ihram:

 Ihram’s clothing includes two pieces of white clothes, one piece is wrapped around the waist. While the other piece of cloth is wrapped around the shoulders.

Women’s Clothing for Ihram:

Women’s clothing at Ihram consists of modest and simple clothing.


When you have worn the Ihram, you have to follow some restrictions. Don’t use any kind of perfume, refrain yourself from using scents and perfumes. In the state of ihram you are not allowed for intimate relationships between husband and wife.

Step 3. Tawaf (Circumambulation):

Tawaf is the first ritual of Umrah’s performance. Tawaf or circumambulation performance starts with making seven circles around Holy Kabba. This circumambulation starts from Black stone (Hajara Aswad) and makes seven circles around Holy Kabba anticlockwise. While you are completing your Tawaf keep your mind focused on memorizing the niyyah (intention) of your Umrah. keep your niyyah pure to gain happiness and blessings of the Almighty. Glorify the Almighty by reciting the Quranic aayat and supplications.

Step 4. Sai (Ritual Walk):

When you are done with Tawaf (circumambulation) next step is the performance of Sai. Sai involves walking pilgrims from Safa to Marwa seven times. This ritual of Sai is to rememorize the legendary characters of Islam Hazrat Hajra, Hazrat Ibrahim, and their beloved son Ismail. This ritual of Haj is to teach the Muslims the real lesson of patience, believing in the Almighty even in impossible conditions, and the spirit to devote everything for God’s Sake.

Step 5. Trimming of Hair:

After performing the ritual of Sai, the next step of Umrah is trimming of hair. Men have to trim the hair of their head, while women are required to cut the small portion of their hair unlike man. This is the sign of showing humbleness in front of God.

Step 6. Tahallul (Release from Ihram):

After performing all the above-mentioned Rituals, now you can change your dress. You can come out of the Ihram.

Step.7 Optional Acts:

While in Makkah, you may choose to perform additional prayers, supplications, and acts of worship at the Masjid al-Haram.

You are in Makkah and you have completed the Umrah, you can spend time here in supplication, prayers, and recitation or in some other act of worship.

Step.8 Visit to the Prophet’s Mosque (Optional):

After performing Umrah if time permits you make sure to go to Masjid ul Nabi, the place containing the most spiritual benefits. Al Madinah Travels allows you to go to Madinah and facilitates your way to Al Madinah Tul Munawara by giving you luxurious transportation services.

How to Perform Umrah for Ladies?

Most people are confused about how to perform Umrah for women. The answer to this question is that the Umrah performance for Ladies is the same as like for men. There is a slight difference. Women should wear simple and modest dress. There is a favor for women, that if there is too much crowd, they can perform their tawaf and Sai at their comfortable pace. There is a restriction of not wearing any kind of perfume or make up.

How to Get Umrah Visa: Step-by-Step:
  1. Contact an Authorized Umrah Agent:

Start by reaching out to a reputable Umrah travel agency. They will assist you in the visa application process.

 1st step while setting on the spiritual odyssey is finding out reputable Umrah travel agency, you can choose Al Madinah Travel as your travel partner. Visit their website or make a call on their contact no their professionals are available to guide you and facilitate you in the process of visa application process.

  • Provide Required Documents:

 When you have approached a professional and authentic travel agency. Now follow their instructions and provide them with all the documents that are required. These documents may include your passport, your recent photographs, and your Visa application.

  • Payment of Fees:

 Pay the necessary visa fees as advised by the agency. Prices may vary depending on the package and services offered.

 Choose your Visa package according to your preferences and budget. Al Madinah Travel is offering variety of visa packages. You can choose from 3 star, 4 star, 5 star, economy or customized visa package according to your requirements. Make payment of your chosen visa package.

  • Wait for Visa Approval:

 The agency will process your application and notify you once your Umrah visa is approved.

When you have submitted your visa application in Al Madinah Travel. You have to wait for the approval of visa at this stage.

  • Travel Arrangements:

When your visa application is approved, make preparations for setting on this holy pilgrimage.


How do you perform Umrah for the first time?

These steps are involved in performing the Umrah Package:

The first step is entering the state of Ihram, a special dress to perform Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage.

The second step is to perform tawaf around the holy Kabba, these are seven rounds around the holy Kabba.

3rd step is to perform Sai, Sai is the walking and jogging between Safa and Marwa.

How to perform 2 Umrah in one day?

Performing 2 umrah in a single day is permissible, if you are in Makkah and after completing one umrah, you can perform the second umrah. but for this purpose, you have to start the 2nd Umrah from a mosque outside the Haram. You can choose any nearest mosque to Haram.

Can you do Umrah in 1 hour?

Well, umrah is a short pilgrimage, as compared to hajj. That takes a few days to complete. Umrah usually takes a few hours to complete. It can not be completed in a single hour.

Wrapping up How to Perform Umrah?

Umrah is a holy pilgrimage, in this article I have tried to share all the steps involved in How to perform Umrah.  we have tried to give the guidance related to Umrah performance of women, and visa application process. Hope this article will help you in performing all the rituals with great devotion and confidence. Remember one thing, keep an eye on every emotion, feeling and intention of your heart, during your spiritual journey of Umrah Pilgrimage. Because intentions matters more than anything.

How to Get Umrah Visa from USA:

If you are in USA and don’t know, how to get umrah visa from USA? Choose Al Madinah Travel as your travel partner. Visit our website and choose umrah package of your choice.

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